Laini And The Wildfire

Laini And The WildfireRachel is a New England wedding photographer based out of the gorgeous Boston area. If she had to describe her documentary-style photography in four words, she’d say quirky, emotional, romantic, & candid. She specializes in capturing your incomparable love, the awesome funkiness that is you, and the special instants that make your celebration unique.
She loves catching secret glances, massive grins, wild dances, peaceful moments, twinkling eyes, flushed cheeks, & unscripted joy. And she can’t live without Red Vines. She’s a wife (of nine years); mom (of two beautiful girls); a lover of mashed potatoes; a pinot grigio & blue grass afficianado; a joyful gardener; and a fanatical cook.
She reads cookbooks like other people read novels. She laughs hard at least once every day, and cries often.
She has big feelings and has never made it through a wedding with dry eyes. She also used to be a television journalist in her former, child-free life. She was an anchor & reporter and she uses the skills she needed to survive in that challenging business every time she covers a wedding. Her own wedding day was totally chaotic, totally crazy, & and totally wonderful. Getting to spend that time with the people Rachel and her husband love most in the world was everything.
Her favorite moment is when she and her husband were facing the altar of the church she’d gone to since she was a child, and she heard a “Psst!” sound behind her. She ignored it because, you know, big prayer moment and all. But she heard it again, louder this time.
She still refused to turn until she felt a tap on her shoulder. It was her father. He turned her around so she’d be sure to see that every one of their 200 guests had walked as a group to hold hands, across the aisles. There was no “Groom’s Side”, no “Bride’s Side”…without being asked, they all silently came together to pray for them, send love, and honor the moment. The memory still makes her cry. And it’s exactly what makes weddings so magical. Those spontaneous seconds of deep emotion, the irresistible human spirit, the eternal beauty. She is wildly, wildly addicted to it. If this sounds like how you want your wedding tale told, then reach out.

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