Kacie Grenon

Kacie Grenon is a new england-based singer, songwriter, and wannabe self-producer. Singing before she could walk, kacie hit the stage for the first time at four-years-old, belting out disney songs with a stuffed dragon. She learned guitar in 2015 when she was 12-years-old, and her first headline gig was shortly thereafter for a 3-hour community fireworks show. Eighth grade year was a challenging year when kacie faced bullying, losing friends, and loneliness. However, she says she does not regret going through it because her very first songs came out of the experience; including break mine (a pop rock earworm about being afraid to be in a relationship after being hurt) and island (a relatable tune about feeling alone with anxiety). At the end of her freshman year, Kacie left her high school for an online charter school to focus on professional development. After recording on trips to nashville, Kacie debuted aUS Mediation 5-song self-titled ep fall of 2017, which included break mine and island, along with more alt-pop jams with rock edges that highlighted her current life perspective. Throughout 2017, she also played over 100 shows, either solo, leading an acoustic duo/trio, or with her band, consisting of nick turgeon on guitar, zachary stone on drums, and spencer gregory on keys/bass. Covers range from bar songs like ones by oasis and guns n’ roses to mashups of taylor swift and kaleo. Although Kacie’s songwriting style sounds like the storytelling of country pop artists such as kelsea ballerini and taylor swift, her music style is as though they wrote for early paramore. Themes in Kacie’s songwriting now stem from deep issues that teenagers struggle with today, like anxiety, relationships, coming of age, etc. Music helped Kacie get through her darkest times when she felt the most alone, and it continues to help her work through things today. She hopes that her music helps other people realize that they are not alone with how they feel, and helps them get through hard situations like music has done for her.

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