Jonathan Steele

Jonathan Steele is a nature photographer based in southern Connecticut who captures some the country’s most beautiful landscape scenes. In his travels he has covered many areas of the country including New England, The Great Smokey Mountains, the Gulf Coast of Florida, the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, National Parks of the American Southwest, moose migrations of Northern Colorado and others. Whether it is by hiking, climbing, kayaking or just driving down a remote dirt road he is always in search of new images from perspectives that most people will never personally see, or may never just take the time to stop and notice. Jonathan is a published, award winning photographer who has studied with The New York Institute of Photography as well with some of the world’s top photographers and photography instructors who have shot or written for The National Geographic Society, Audobon, The Sierra Club, National Parks, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography and other nationally and internationally recognized publications. Jonathan has written pieces for Outdoor Photographer, been published in Landscape Photography Magazine, is a member and regular contributor for the New England Photography Guild and is a contributor to Yankee Magazine’s Fall Foliage blog.

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