Harry Lichtman

Harry LichtmanI am a New Hampshire based Landscape and Outdoor photographer with a passion for the natural world and capturing it during its most dramatic moments. While NH is my home, I have had the good fortune to travel to iconic and hidden gems in the United States and throughout the world. My images bring the viewer to a mountain side at sunrise or along a cold stream during a silent snowfall to experience a little of the wonder and excitement I felt as I tripped the shutter. The landscape is my passion, both photographing and experiencing it first hand. The finished photograph is only a small portion of the satisfaction I get being outdoors. I try to bring a little of that “wow” and inspiration I get during my travels into my photography. The goal is to inspire appreciation for our natural environment, plant the seed for a viewer to visit a place they might not normally consider, or simply enable someone to experience a location they may never have a chance to go to. I often try to pre-visualize a scene under specific weather or seasonal conditions and wait for the time to be right. For me, the journey from conceiving a photograph to the final print is much more than a technical ritual of proper lens, film, shutter speed, and aperture setting. While I don’t have any formal training as a photographer, I read and experiment with different techniques in the field until I’m satisfied with the results. Many images were recorded using traditional 35mm film while my most recent images were made with a Nikon D810 digital SLR, as the image quality has proven outstanding. My images have been published internationally in magazines, calendars, travel catalogues, and as prints for home and businesses, and mural sized prints for airports and business exteriors. Most recently I was named the 2015 Smithsonian Windland Smith Rice International Award winner in the Landscape Category for photographic excellence. Comments, suggestions, and questions about any of my images are welcome, as it helps me improve my craft and maybe yours too. Contact me regarding image use fees, as I will be handling inquiries individually. Print Pricing can be found under each image after clicking on a photo within a Gallery.

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