Dominika Stará

Dominika StaráBorn on August 13, 1993 (the same year that the country of her birth, Czechoslovakia, split into two nations, Slovakia and the Czech Republic) Dominika was blessed with an extraordinary voice. At a precocious 6 years old Dominika was delivering impressive renditions of local folk songs taught to her by her father. From that point on Dominika wanted to become a professional singer and her parents knew she had the talent and determination to embark on such a challenging career path. Fully supporting their daughter’s ambitions, Dominika’s parents enrolled her in singing lessons in preparation for her entry into local singing contests. At age 12, Dominika’s dazzling interpretation of Belgian singer-songwriter Lara Fabian’s “Je Suis Malade” earned her first place in her hometown’s singing competition.
Fabian has had a significant influence on the development of Dominika’s style as has Whitney Houston, whom she describes as “the greatest”, Beyonce, (“amazing”) and Bruno Mars. “I love his tone, his live performances and the honesty in his songs,” says Dominika. Over the next few years, Dominika won nearly every local contest she entered.
Then, in 2009, at 16 years old, Dominika auditioned along with thousands of hopeful singers and was among the few chosen to compete on the national TV program Czechoslovakian Superstar, her country’s version of American Idol. The competition was grueling but Dominika’s hard work paid off: viewers’ votes poured in for her weekly performances and by the contest’s conclusion, Dominika was awarded first place among the female contestants and third place overall. Dominika’s long held dream of becoming a pop star was now beginning to take shape. “It was always my dream to enter the competition but I was too young,” Dominika reminisced, “so when I finally turned 16 and saw a commercial for it, I said, mom, dad, I’m going! It was a lot tougher than I expected: sleepless nights, no days off and no family time. We were in a crazy cycle for 3 months but it taught me a lot. I’m braver, wiser, and a better artist because of it, even though I still have a lot to learn!” Subsequently, through mutual friends in Slovakia, Dominika was introduced to Ray Pouncey Sr. CEO of the New York area based Poncini Entertainment. After watching several of Dominika’s videos, Ray contacted Dominika’s father about managing her career and bringing her to the U.S. for additional training and her overall advancement. “I was only 17 at the time so I couldn’t really make the decision whether or not to come to the United States; my parents were the decision makers and I am very happy they said yes,” Dominika explained. “I’m proud to say I have the best manager in the business and the best team! The past four years have been the toughest but also the best years of my life! I met so many famous people and have been through so many amazing things that have made me grow as a person and as an artist.
I have visited schools in New England, speaking to students on the importance of education, and positive influences in relation to pursuing their dreams because I have done many things I was only dreaming about until I came here.” Dominika has also spoken to young people about depression, mood disorders and suicide prevention, as well as advocates for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).
Dominika is very passionate about reaching out to young people. She loves having the opportunity to connect with and encourage these young men and women. In September 2012 Dominika released an EP “Mixed Signals” which includes the sultry, up tempo single “Thinking Of You” which earned her Best International Singer honors at the New England Urban Music Awards, held annually in Boston, Massachusetts. Other singles by Dominika include the comical commentary “These Dumb Dudes”, the jazz influenced “Wrong” and the retro-pop dance flavored “Take Me”.
From 2012 to 2016, Dominika made the very wise decision to focus on her education, ultimately receiving her Bachelors degree in Business Marketing, and subsequently obtained her MBA, all while traveling between Slovakia and America recording music regularly. Dominika has appeared on magazine covers and television shows in her home country of Slovakia as well as in neighboring countries.
A memorable moment was when Bruno Mars’ father, Peter Hernandez, said to Dominika, “You are a star… I can see it! Keep going, I’ve got my eye on you!” Dominika aka Stara recently shot a video for her latest single “Keep It Coming”, which is rapidly being picked up and played on major radio stations across the United States! She has recorded several new tracks for her debut album, “My Time to Shine,” which she plans to release in 2018. This album will feature her power ballad, “When Love’s All Gone.” “Right now we are recording more EDM tracks but I also love ballads, mid-tempo tracks, pop-rock, R&B,” she enthuses, “and I’m open to trying new things.

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