David Chan

David Chan is a trained chef and culinary coach. He is committed to helping people fall in love with true food, whether through his own cooking or by teaching others to cook for themselves. Chef David has a gift for making simple foods taste flavorful and has a passion for turning healthy ingredients into tasty ones. He is especially excited to help others learn to do the same for themselves. David first became passionate about cooking when he interned at a gourmet vegetarian restaurant in Seattle, while also working as a manager at Trader Joe’s. His passion turned into a career switch that led him to the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. Since then, he has helped run the VT Junior Iron Chef program and has worked in several restaurants throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. Chef David has also been involved with local farm to school programs with the goal of improving the quality of food in local New Hampshire schools. Having grown up in a bicultural family, David understands and enjoys both American staples and international flavors. Chef David believes that food is one of the most fundamental elements to affect change within oneself and our planet.

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