Ashley Hamel

Ashley Hamel is a singer-songwriter, improviser, and wizard rocker based out of Connecticut. She has a loyal following in the Harry Potter fan community, with hilarious and heartfelt original songs such as “Love Cannot Be Sorted” and “Hufflepuff Puff Pass”, in addition to a growing international fanbase in Indonesia. Hamel is also an improv comedian performing with her groups The Rumour Cauldron and Harry Potter & the Brilliant Suggestion, based out of Hartford’s Sea Tea Comedy Theater. She also performs regularly with her high-energy cover band, HEAT, playing weddings, parties, and clubs across the New England area. Her energetic live show combines her powerful pop vocals and heavy-handed rhythm guitar with strong songwriting and an infectious stage presence. Inspired and refreshed after a two month-long residency in Indonesia in early 2018, Hamel is set to release her first studio album, a wizard rock concept record called “WZRD” in January 2019.

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