Among the Acres

“Among the Acres” is an Indie/Americana quartet based out of Hartford, CT that fuses an eclectic range of influences into a sound defined by cascading vocal harmonies, intricate string melodies, and an insatiable desire for “groove”. They deliver powerful live performances, marked by a dynamic spectrum of style, emotion, and sound. Songwriters and founding members Michael Day and Sean Lemkey sowed the seeds of the project in 2016 while recording their own solo material with shared producer, Patrick Giguere. The pair spent countless hours workshopping songs in basements, sharing a passion for the detail and depth of musical composition. Soon thereafter, drummer and percussionist Erik Lindblad and bassist Greg Ganci came aboard, bringing thier keen sense of feel and  rhythmic musicality. As the name might suggest, the band’s songs seek to evoke an atmosphere reminiscent of the great outdoors – the serenity, clarity, and simplicity, juxtaposed with the volatility, immensity, and mystery of nature. The writing strives to balance raw personal testimony with the universal human experience, contrasting existential themes with familiar and catchy melodic ideas. The eclectic array of instrumentation helps to express these themes, which ranges from acoustic guitar, banjo, electric guitar, bass, to various percussion and drum arrangements. “Among the Acres” can be found performing all over Connecticut and the greater New England area, playing everywhere from local breweries, to festivals, and of course seizing any opportunity to play outside! They have recently been interviewed and featured in the Hartford Courant and have a loyal local following. Among the Acres is sure to appeal to a wide range of listeners and bring a memorable performance wherever the road takes them!

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