Thalia Kahl

My belief as an artist comes down to a simple principle – to paint the beauty in life that inspires me – whatever that may be. And it is that spark of inspiration that influences me to put brush and palette knife to canvas. As a person and an artist, I am multi-faceted, therefore, I am motivated by many things creatively. I am inspired by color; sometimes strong, sometimes subtle. I am inspired by light and the way light transforms the ordinary into a thing of beauty. Sometimes light can be harsh, sometimes it can be soft and sometimes it can create beautiful mood. I am inspired by shape, lines, curves and the how they interact which creates tension or harmony. I am inspired by the beauty of the human form in its infinite variety.Sometimes, I am simply inspired by a thought. For me, it’s not the subject matter that is important, it is the inspiration from my heart which finds a way to speak on the canvas – which I hope connects with yours.

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