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While most girls her age are focused on their social lives at school and hanging out with their friends, pop and soul music artist, Taylor Gayle is dedicating her time and energy on forging a career in the music industry. This artist has already performed live at some of the most popular venues in the world, has filled notebook after notebook with original song ideas, won songwriting awards, been identified as a songwriter to watch by NSAI and has surrounded herself with a team made up of some of the most knowledgeable music industry veterans Nashville has to offer. The Plano, Texas-native lives in Nashville and is now taking her next big step with the release of her debut EP.
The new EP, entitled Fly Away, released in October 2016 and consists of seven original songs written by Taylor over an eighteen-month period. Those songs explore various themes, including a power anthem about self-acceptance, deep family connections, and recovering from broken relationships. It will be available for purchase through Taylor’s website at live shows, and via digital services like iTunes and Amazon.
Taylor is business-minded enough to understand that a successful career in music requires an artist to be surrounded by the right team. Her producer, Margaret Becker, is a four-time Grammy-nominated artist in her own right and has 21 Number One singles. Becker is also the recipient of seven SESAC Artist of the Year awards and was heavily involved in the creation of Taylor’s new EP.
“She is amazing!” says Taylor. “She has always believed in me as an artist and that has been so important. I started writing songs with her when I was ten-years-old and she never saw me as just a child. She saw me as an artist. That has been the biggest gift. She has always encouraged me to develop as an artist with a unique point of view.”
Creating Fly Away was a journey that was very special to Taylor. The EP was recorded and produced at Yackland Studios in East Nashville. The studio, headed up by Stephen Leiweke, has been used by popular acts such as Michael W. Smith and Jars of Clay as well as content creation for major networks, including NBC, MTV, ESPN, and Lifetime.
“Yackland is such a great studio,” Taylor says. “Everyone really listened when I said I wanted an instrument played a specific way. And I am hard on myself when I am recording because I always think I can do a better take, so I like to be able to do multiple takes of a song to get it right. They were so great to work with.”
Taylor is working relentlessly to hone her songwriting skills. Few young artists can say they have already written more than one-hundred original songs.
She admits to keeping dozens of notebooks in various places around her home so she can immediately write down any ideas that come to her.
She already has 2 indie cuts with the alternative rock band “Love Past Blue” and wrote and recorded a duet with Clay Shelburn who is known worldwide as the “Walmart Rockstar” that released in June 2017. So where does this teenager find inspiration for song ideas?
“I find topics for songs from life,” she explains. “I get ideas from TV, books, and watching people at the mall. Life is full of great stories to write about. My creative process really depends on my mood.
Sometimes I will get a melody stuck in my head that I know I have to find lyrics for, but other times I get hit with a hook for a song and I have to write it down immediately.”
In additionUS Mediation to being an experienced songwriter, Taylor is also a seasoned veteran of the stage. Not only has she played popular venues like Nashville’s Bluebird Café, House of Blues in Dallas, and Six Flags Over Texas, Taylor has also performed four times at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City. One of those performances saw Taylor reaching the semi-finals of the popular Amateur Night at the Apollo.
“The Apollo is the best stage I have performed on in my life,” Taylor exclaims. “I love knowing that many of the artists I look up to have also performed on that stage. People say it is a tough crowd but I find it to be my favorite crowd!” Other performances for Taylor include singing the National Anthem to kick-off the SMU men’s basketball season. Attending that game and hearing Taylor sing was former US President, George W. Bush. Taylor has also opened for well-known country artist, Bryan White at Rocketown in Nashville. So after having already accomplished so much with her music already, what does Taylor feel she still needs to accomplish? “To grow into a worldwide known artist,” she says while smiling. “I would love to tour the world playing my music to sold-out stadiums. I really hope that my music touches people and makes their day a little better or helps them get through a rough time.”

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