Rebecca Denton


I’m Rebecca, and I’m a wedding photographer for couples in love who want natural, timeless, elegant photos that capture real personalities and real wedding moments.
I live in Nashville with my college sweetheart, our two beautiful boys, and our puppy named Elsa Snowflake. I worked as a photojournalist, writer and magazine editor for 15 years in four states before starting my own photography business nearly five years ago. I have always loved timeless stories, and that’s what weddings are to me – the beginning of your personal family history. My job is to provide you with timeless portraits and candid moments that will become family heirlooms for the next generation. I take a personal approach to wedding photography, and I want to get to know you and your love story!
I first fell in love with photography when I took a black-and-white film photography class at a local arts center. I had just graduated from college with an English degree, and I was already a journalist, but I knew immediately that I was a photographer at heart.
I started interning as a photojournalist back in the film days and learning everything I could about photography. I worked as a photojournalist and writer for newspapers and magazines in four different states – Michigan, New Hampshire, Arkansas, and Tennessee – before starting my own photography business in 2013.
My love for storytelling and documentary photography is what led me to weddings, and I haven’t looked back! My focus is on beautiful, timeless portraits and real connections that will always remind you how you felt on your wedding day.

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