Marabeth Quin


Self-taught artist, Marabeth Quin, has been working in the arts in Nashville, TN for the last 30 years. Originally from Arkansas, it was music that brought her to Nashville, Tennessee as a professional vocalist in 1987, and in 2007 she expanded her hobby of painting into a career path when she began selling her works of art.
Her first body of work was primarily a play of color and whimsy, exclusively using transparent acrylics over heavy texture. Being self-taught, the evolution of her work drove her back into heavy experimentation in 2014. Since then, she has focused on increasing her technical knowledge and skill with oil paints, as well as exploring ways to create light and reflection in the landscape using different materials. With this new vein of exploration established, she is excited to be emerging back into the commercial art world with landscapes and botanicals in both acrylic and oil paints.
“Since my childhood, the beauty of nature has always been moving to me. I am happiest when I am enveloped in a natural setting, and am endlessly fascinated by nature’s ability to lift a heavy heart, clear a burdened mind or put what appears to be a complex problem into the clear focus of an opportunity. Observing the way fog lays on the land, light moves through clouds or dances on the surface of water, or a drop of water rests on a flower petal is a form of meditation for me that connects me with this broader perspective. It is from this space that I am inspired to employ color, texture and form to convey these magical and transformative qualities that are so plentiful in our world.”


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