Kendra Chantelle


Based in Nashville, TN, Kendra Chantelle has made a name for herself as one of the more versatile vocalists and artists around. The daughter of a brilliant vocalist mother and rock drummer father, music was an inevitable calling that she always planned to pursue. She is a phenomenal artist and songwriter but also stays busy singing lead and backing vocals live and in the studio, doing vocal production and arranging, writing and recording music for TV & film, vocal coaching and doing yoga for her #YogAbroad following world wide. She is on tour with Tom Keifer as a vocalist and percussionist in #KeiferBand Her personal sound is a fusion of tortured soul, rock & roll, blues and R&B but she is genre fluid and can be called on to perform country, pop, blues, rock & roll, metal, bluegrass, jazz and beyond. As long as it has “that feeling and pocket” she’s in.

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