Joshua Melton

The Capital Athletic Club

For Joshua Melton dreams do come true. This dream began to materialize a few short years ago when he picked up a guitar for the first time. Joshua, a preacher’s boy from Northwest Ohio, joins Country Music’s finest in Nashville to continue his journey as an up-and-coming musician and singer/songwriter.
Joshua has been blazing paths and making strides within the music industry, taking with him friends and fans alike. Each step creates more energy. A live show becomes an episode of a record long original series and each song the opening credits to the best movie of all-time. His force is something to be reckoned with.
At an early age it was apparent Joshua was born for greatness; no task unconquerable, no feat too large or too small. In his youth, Joshua made extreme sports and motorcycling his passion. From this he developed a complex skill set. Joshua, the youngest of three, was raised in a loving and nurturing community. His life journey has given him a genuine charisma that is infectious, and his music today is the evidence.
Standing 6’5” with blond hair, blue eyes, and bright smile, he’s no stranger to any spotlight. His style and stage presence invites his listeners to stay awhile and dance, or sit back and enjoy the show. Critics have called Joshua’s career, “a wave among ripples in New Country Music.” Joshua’s music keeps his audiences engaged, enthralled and begging for more.
In Nashville, Joshua is collaborating with industry greats and other artists. He is creating, writing, performing, and sharing original music that has gained the respect of industry veterans and pros. His dream has no end. This is only the beginning for Joshua and his journey of connecting with others through music.

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