Jon Scott

Jon ScottA man of many talents and a passion that rivals his fiery hair, Jon Scott has been a singer, musician, and songwriter nearly his entire life. His love for music began at the age of four. As a child he knew that if he accomplished nothing else in his life, it would be ok as long as he could sing. Growing up in a religious family, Jon began singing in the church. Jon Scott has had the opportunity to share the platform with both “Sacred” and “Secular” Jon Scottspeakers, teachers, and musical artist such as: Newsong, Clint Brown, Gary Oliver, The Martins, Jason Crabb, Michael English, Luke Bryan, Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, John Oates, The Band Perry, Kenny Loggins, Rita Wilson, Joe West, Jane Bach, Sam Tate, Briana Tyson, Jack Fowler, Vic Sorrell, Bishop Carlton Pearson, Dr. Michael Beckwith, pastor DE Paulk, Bishop Jim Swilley, Rev John McClean, Rev David Alexander, and many others. Jon was also the Lead pastor of Lasting Joy Church for 6 years and Lead Pastor of Now Life Church in Eatonton Ga for nearly 5 years. Today, his home church is Unity of Nashville and he has served the music department there since August 2014.
Jon has never been the “normal preacher” type and has always challenged all religious systems. He continues to believe that every answer deserves yet another question so that the ultimate truth is revealed. His speaking style is conversational and sometimes controversial. Jon adds “I have chosen to not be controversial for the sake of being controversial, I simply desire to facilitate an environment where people feel safe to ask the hard question and the beautiful mystery of the spirit life.” “Every so often all systems and beliefs need to be brought into question, especially when those beliefs marginalize anyone and thrive on the tribal mentality.” He’s sights St Paul’s writing in Col 3:11. Jon Scott resides in Thompson’s Station, TN and draws love and support from family and friends. Jon enjoys traveling to share his talents in churches, theaters, coffee shops, pubs, auditoriums, hospitals, youth centers, and prisons; he has also traveled to various cities and states, and even gone overseas to the United Kingdom to share his passion for God and music.
He’s continued to pursue his music dreams and has had the pleasure of working with hit songwriters, producers, and performers.Jon hopes your contact with him will leave you feeling more hopeful than before you met him. He desires to make a deposit into your life rather than making a withdrawal.


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