Growing up as a first-generation Italian-American, JoAnna always loved when her family got together for celebrations. Whether the party was taking place at her own home or at one of her many aunts’ houses, there was always a lot of emphasis placed on making & sharing food. With such a large extended family, and everyone bringing something to share, there was always a huge spread of food!
When she went away to college, and started cooking for herself, she did what most college students do: make food that was easy, fast and cheap. After she got married, though, that wouldn’t cut it! She threw herself into expanding her culinary skills. She started clipping recipes from magazines, copying from cookbooks, and of course building on family recipes. Her husband was an eager test subject, and she had friends over for dinner as much as possible, just for the chance to cook.
JoAnna had started a Human Resources consulting business, but when the “dot-com” boom started to bust, she took a long, hard look at her prospects. Looking for a new opportunity, she asked herself one of those life-changing questions:Chef

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