Jenna Longmire


Waves of deep blue grey roll in as her songs fill the room. Her voice is not smooth like silk or polished like cotton but deeply textured like a pair of well-traveled suede cowboy boots. Jenna has a way of taking you right into heartbreak and hope on each note of her soulful, sexy melodies. Rootsy with traces of Sarah McLachlan and Tracy Chapman, Jenna Longmire brings her own blend of melodic blues to this new collection of songs. Her melodies are easily remembered, but deceivingly complex. She composes on both piano and guitar and this is what adds to the diversity of her music.
Born in East Tennessee and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Jenna wandered to west to Tucson after college following a call she couldn’t resist. An artist’s path is not clearly marked with straight lines or smooth surfaces. The ups and downs of everyday life and years spent following her gypsy nature haunt her lyrics:

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