Jay Allen


Small town Iowa native, Jay Allen, made his move to Nashville in 2013 and very quickly gained attention from the country music industry. He signed his first publishing deal in 2014, and then teamed with Sony/ATV in 2016. In 2017, Jay was honored as “The Highway Find” on Sirius XM with his song “Sounds Good To Me”. In 2018, Jay wrote a song for his mother who passed away from Alzheimer’s titled “Blank Stares”. A video of the song went viral with over 300 million views on facebook, and Jay has since has helped raise $35 million to fight the disease. In 2019, Mickey Jack Cones partnered with Emmanuel Zunz(ONErpm) to form Verge Records and sign Jay as their flagship artist. “Jay is a powerhouse – beautiful voice, heart of gold, incredible story, and a work ethic like I’ve never seen. I look forward to showing the world what this artist is made of, and I can confidently say that Jay is the future of country music”.

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