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I’m Emily. Thank you for taking the time to see the world through my lens. A little bit about me: I am Nashville raised but a rare blend of European + Canadian + Indian… Much like a chai tea latte, a hint of a few quite distinct flavors. 😉 I also happen to be a chai tea connoisseur (I blame it on my Indian side, haha!). You can oftentimes find me sipping chai tea in a coffee shop near the largest window getting lost in a novel or adventuring out on long country roads chasing the sunset. 🙂
Also, I do LOVE to travel, so if you decide to have a destination senior portrait session on the white beaches of Destin FL or an epic wedding/elopement in the Fjords of Norway… let’s make your dream come to life and I’m 100% yours!
Beauty, love, romance, laughter, smiles… all things that make us LOVE what we do.
Life is golden and there are irreplaceable moments that are more than worth capturing… what makes them special is that they are YOURS to hold on to forever.
To us, photography is not merely just a snapshot, but rather an intricate form of art that evokes tears and passion, laughter and smiles, and inspires the imagination. We promise your experience with Emily Anne Photography will be such a real personal, relational experience. From the initial in person consult to the image presentation, you will have one on one connection to ensure that together we can create the images of your dreams!
Since a young age, I have been fascinated with light and color, and, to me, photography captures just that. The reason I am PASSIONATE about what I do is because images have the power to stir the soul. One glance at your true love and you are forever changed… likewise to me, a single look at photograph or a candid moment caught in motion picture can evoke emotion, either arouse a passionate attachment or a revolting sentiment. There is an unexplanable connection between the visual photographs and my heart & soul, which I pour into every image.
Emily Anne Photography creates powerful images that are simply and incandescently you… your style, your personality by using natural light and the art of photography to see your inner colors shining through. Allow her to freeze in time the priceless moments that will be cherished forever… and make you look natural on camera!
In this digital age, rarely do we find the time to hold the photographs we love so dearly in our hands. Emily Anne Photography takes joy in offering beautiful, professionally printed products. They use the best printing sources to ensure you have the highest quality prints to clasp in your hands. From custom leather albums to stunning gallery wall art to place over your fireplace in your living room, Emily Anne offers the finest products, while servicing you and hand delivering your order to your home!
Nothing makes me happier than when I am in my element with my amazing clients their capturing joyous moments & occasions & beauty in time. So will you allow me to show you really just how spectacular you are? 🙂

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