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Ed Nash was born in Letchworth Garden City, England in 1976. Letchworth was built by and designed by Quakers in 1903 and was a focus of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Like several members of the British Post-Impressionist movement who visited, lived and painted in Letchworth, Ed was inspired by the towns amalgamation of urban and rural life and its focus on visual beauty in the town environment, which was really the ideal of the ‘Garden City’ movement.
At age 13 Ed was awarded an Art scholarship to Bedford School, England which accelerated his passion for art. He then went onto study Fine Art and Psychology at Reading University, England where he graduated with a First Class Honors Degree. Here his work explored social psychology and art. His dissertation was on the affects of the dissembodiment of virtual space on personality.
Ed still explores the world of virtual space, focusing on abstract non-representational work. He currently lives in Nashville TN where he is an Art Dealer, Appraiser and Artist. His work can be found in collections across the US and UK and is represented in galleries in New York, Atlanta, Knoxville, Chattanooga and Nashville TN.

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