Claire Hunt


Hi there, friend! I’m Claire! I am so happy you are here. My passion for photography was found at a very young age. When I really think about it, I believe my love for documenting all of life’s moments comes from my father, who would record and photograph big and small moments when I was growing up. Moments are constantly fleeting but photos capture the memory that lies within that moment. Throughout my life, I would have digital cameras gifted to me and sadly, the playback consisted of many selfies of raccoon eyes (because I had no idea how to apply makeup) or peace sign photos of my girlfriends who thought they were models. I’m so thankful to say I’m way beyond that phase! Ha! For the past 4 years, I have been delivering other people’s special moments in a way that authentically captures who they are. After all, those are the photos that matter, right . I strive to constantly learn and educate myself. I push myself in creative ways and strive to always be inventing new ways to provide an immaculate experience for my couples and ensure I’m serving them the best I can.Beyond being a photographer, my most favorite thing about this life God has given me is being a wife to my incredible husband, Garrett. He is the biggest support and such a blessing to my life. When I’m not photographing, you can bet we are cooking and eating all the food, traveling to somewhere we’ve never been, enjoying the great outdoors, going on sweet dates (because yes, it’s so important), binge watching the latest Netflix show, or unplugging with a good book in our hands and a kitty on each lap. Marriage is so precious and there is always something to learn each day. I am forever thankful that God has woven our story to become one.

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