Cindy Billingsley


Cindy stands out from other artists, because few have achieved a level of excellence in both sculpting and painting. She has been sculpting ceramic and bronze sculptures for the past 12 years and has also been a fine art painter for 30 years. During that time, her art work has evolved into bringing more awareness to issues like Alzheimer’s disease and the plight of Endangered Animals, also exploring more within a surreal realm with the animal and figurative work combined, plus narratives in clay.
Cindy Billingsley has shown nationally with both solo and juried shows, plus has sold international to clients. You can see all types of Cindy’s art throughout the US and not just her sculptures but her also her Murals, Portraits and Wildlife paintings. Her “one of a kind” clay sculptures capture that lifelike gesture and spirit of a figure or animal. And her unique finishes have a depth like no other. She welcomes commissions from clients both animals or portraits of the kids. She works in different series both figurative and wildlife throughout the year for gallery shows and her work continues to grow and expand as she continues her journey in art. Contact her today for a quote on your unique idea.

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