Camille Rose Mary DaSilva

My name is Camille Rose Mary DaSilva. I was born into the world Camille Rose Wolaver. I was Confirmed as ‘Mary’ and the DaSilva happened on January 3, 2015. Which is awesome because I always had a gnawing fear that I’d marry some guy that was shorter than me and had a name like Kewjczar… you get the picture. But no, I’m married to a wonderful man who’s 6’2”, has a beard, a great laugh, a genius ear for music, and whom I’m wonderfully in love with. When I was eleven-years-old, I found out that my Inkblot was Curiosity. The rest of my family’s was Peace. Yes, I’m a middle child. The Curiosity part made a lot of sense because I love everything to do with learning new things. Like exploring, whether it’s Europe or my own backyard. Or doing things different than everybody else. Or experiencing something unique. Or studying other cultures and ancient history. I love seeing the adventure in life and putting it on paper. Closing my eyes and imagining. Seeing magic in the ordinary.
Around the time I found out my inkblot was Curiosity I also started to garden. About the same time I read certain influential books about a girl named Emily who liked the New Moon and also read some stuff about Aristotle and metaphysics and decided to name all the trees in my lawn along with starting the garden. The garden did pretty well, except for the lovely green grass with wildflowers that’d grow up between the squash plants and the adorable little bunny rabbits and squirrels and birds that would like the nice food. Hey, they have to eat too! I would garden if it was just to feed the animals. And eat raw okra off the stalk with them in my bare feet. I guess there’s something about soaking up Nature that makes me feel like an elf. And that’s a nice way to feel. My last name makes me feel like that. Da Silva…of the wood. Yes. About the same time I started my wonder garden I also spent a whole school semester trying to learn Elvish and did an online quiz that told me my Elvish name was Palanalata and I changed my email address to it. My only excuse is that I was 11. About the same time too, my family began a classical-crossover musical group called the Annie Moses Band, and before long, I was touring around the country full-time performing. Yes, I play harp, piano, B3 organ, and sing. Hey, we were the kind of homeschoolers who learned music and took Latin classes. So I have spent the last decade or so of my life traveling the country and even jumping across the pond every once in a while. Which annoyed me when I was little because all I wanted to do was garden and read and write letters, journals, and books in an isolated corner of my bedroom till my hand cramped up, but over the years ended up fostering my explorative spirit. I’ve been all over America and now I want to see the world!
So, this is me. I enjoy an artistic cup of coffee. I like incense. I love an exciting book. I have over 20 journals in my hope chest and I always save them in the case of a tornado. I play very impressionistic Debussy and Chopin when I feel whimsical and very fiery Beethoven and Bartók when I feel passionate. My favorite quote is ‘An adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.’ My favorite bit of prose is the chapter ‘The Ethics of Elfland’ from G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy (who also said the quote, by the way). And there is nothing I love more than seeing the wonder and romance in life and writing it down. Which is why this blog is here.

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