Callie McCullough


When she walks on stage with her huge blonde curls, sparkling blue eyes and sequin high heels you may just think, here comes another country singer. . . but there is something undeniably different about Callie McCullough.
The Canadian songstress has an unforgettable voice as if she were the lovechild of Dolly Parton and Alison Krauss with a songwriting style that wields true heartache into memorable hooks.
Her love of all things ballad, broken heart and sad song contrasts rather unexpectedly with her quick wit, dry humor and unbridled honesty.
She is no stranger to the stage after years touring with her prior band The Wildwood Flowers. Callie’s roots lie in family harmonies, Appalachian Bluegrass and Traditional Country music.
With her debut solo release slated for early 2018, Callie is one of Americana’s most exciting new artists to watch.

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