Ben Ghertner

Ben was first introduced to kayaking when he was 11. He went on a kayak trip on the class I/II Hiawassee River with a boy scout troop out of his home town of Nashville TN. That day began an epic journey into the sport of kayaking.
As he started his early teens he had become a confident class III boater and began to delve into the art of freestyle. Rivers like the Ocoee, Nanatahalla and Tuckassegee became his stomping grounds as he learned tricks like the front loop and the wave wheel.
At 15 Ben first was introduced to creek boating. He had signed up for an intro to creeking clinic with the local kayak school, the NOC. No one else signed up and it was just him and an instructor. They went up and ran a 1 mile stretch of the upper Nanatahalla, known as the Cascades. 1 successful lap later and he was sold! The final two years of high school were a turning point for Ben’s kayaking. The sport transformed from a hobby to a lifestyle for him. He got to explore many of the southeast’s greatest whitewater rivers, including The Green, Little River Canyon, Tallulah Gorge and more!
After graduating high school Ben traveled west to Colorado for his first season paddling out west. His time that summer in Colorado started with his first ever class V race on South st. Vrain Creek as part of the Lions Outdoor Games. He continued on to race at the GoPro mountain games on Homestake Creek and explore the steep slides of Crested Butte before he met Natalie and Leif Anderson. He then traveled North to the Slave River with them.
That summer concluded with big wave surfing on the Slave. From there he headed for a short stint in the Pacific Northwest before heading back to the southeast. Now Ben continues to travel, train and play in his quest to better his paddling abilities, meet new friends and have a great time in our beautiful world!

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