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Amy Powell is a self-taught figurative sculptor working primarily in terra cotta. Amy found herself living in Nashville, Tennessee where she performed at the beloved Opryland USA, Opryland Hotel and Gaylord Entertainment as well as numerous other Nashville venues as a singer, dancer, actress and pianist. The arts have always been present in Amy’s life since childhood while growing up in rural Michigan. Amy’s passions have shifted throughout the decades yet the deep need to sculpt has finally brought her back to the dirt that has always been under her nails.
We are told: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Life being the best teacher, it was the experience of a painful loss that ultimately stirred the long dormant, but ever present compulsion to work in clay. After some healing, Alan LeQuire and the late Murat Kaboulov “appeared.” Both led her but also stayed out of the way by respecting her intuition and even honoring her lack of formal training. Recognized and recommended by recent instructors at the Scottsdale Artists’ School, Amy’s portrait bust of “Julia” and figurative piece “Emily” was accepted in to the Scottsdale Artists’ School Best and Brightest 2014 and 2016 (respectively) Juried Art Show
Amy’s home studio is located in Nashville. Amy created Sculpt and Gulp workshops where students of all skill levels can learn from local, regional, and nationally respected sculptors. Sculpt and Gulp is a safe and fun environment where fundamentals of sculpting and intuition both are honored. Amy herself often teaches amongst her “tribe” of creatives.
It has never been her intent to make a statement, provoke drama or comment on political hypocrisies. Simply, Amy has a compulsion to sculpt. Her intention in life and thus in her art is to strive for authenticity and honesty. Staying honest to herself, the clay, the subject, and the process of creation. Trained in clinical psychology, her search for true self and encouragement for the same in others leads her to intuitively work from the inside out, emphasizing the emotional landscape surrounding the subject.
A self-taught sculptor living in Nashville, she focuses foremost on the human figure working primarily in terra-cotta. Solid figures are built on simple armatures when needed. She may uses live models, herself or work from imagination. Proper anatomy may be deliberately compromised or exaggerated. Rather than aspiring towards literal interpretation, she strives to capture the feel and mood of a subject.
She finds the process of creating art as honest and beautiful as it is cathartic.
A wife and mom of two young boys, with a busy clinical out-patient practice, she is always wishing for more opportunities to do her own therapy… her art.

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