Amy Gerhartz

With 12 years of running her own business, 5 years of independent touring, and 6 albums under her belt, she’s got plenty of content and experience to do just that. But she hasn’t always been that way. After graduating from the Florida State University Department of Music, she immediately went to work the old fashioned way, first for a production company, and then subsequently for a commercial real estate company. “I was so naive back then,” says Gerhartz. “I cared too much about what people thought of me, and I was too afraid speak up for myself.” Not anymore.
If you heard her today, you’d get quite a different impression. Gerhartz has an air of confidence and comfort that makes her not only approachable, but likable. Her storytelling and ability to laugh at herself, makes her live performances entertaining and enjoyable. “I try not to take myself too seriously now. I think I learned that lesson after years of hitting the pavement and wearing myself out.” Gerhartz says of her transition to music full-time. After a few years in Corporate America, she finally quit her job and has never looked back.
In the beginning, she took any show she could find, some of which hardly payed anything at all. “I think most musicians start that way. You just take whatever you can get, because you’re so new and so excited to just be playing.” Then coffee shops turned into bar gigs, bar gigs turned into corporate events, corporate events turned into festivals, and festivals turned into a developing fan base. Eventually, Gerhartz found herself performing at big events in front of a few thousand people at a time. That led to her touring across the country on an independent, grassroots level, selling her CDs and shirts one fan at a time.
“I am so incredibly blessed, and I don’t take that for granted,” says Gerhartz. Over the years, she has opened up for/shared the stage with some pretty big national acts, and has also had the opportunity to lend her voice to various television and commercial projects. The music industry has started to notice as well. In 2018 alone, she was a finalist in the NSAI/CMT Song Contest, and her album “FIRE” was nominated for Best Pop Album at the Independent Music Awards. An impressive act on its own, and even more so since she has done it all independently: without a label, manager, publicist or production team. “I would love to partner with a great team of people one day and continue to grow my business. But for now I’ll do what I’ve always done, and just try to do it better each time.” says Gerhartz.
So what about every artist’s dream of being discovered? Gerhartz is not afraid to speak her mind on that point either: “Personally, I say just get to work!” she says. “You are going to waste your life if you’re waiting for someone to find you and tell you how wonderful you are. Not me. I’ll create my own legacy.”
Gerhartz currently lives in Nashville, has a new album coming out early 2019. Her music is available everywhere.

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