Alyssa Jacey

As a songwriter for over 14 years, Alyssa has now built a repertoire of more than 400 originals in multiple genres, 150+ recorded, and a handful getting weekly International airplay from mainstream radio, Internet radio and podcasts across the U.S. Have you heard her radio single, ‘I Want It to Rain’ yet? Listen by clicking here!
Check out her two latest singles, ‘Here’s To Change’ which released on 1/15/19 and ‘Our Love’ (both the mp3 and video) out 2/14/19! She’s releasing NEW MUSIC EVERY 2-4 WEEKS IN 2019!
Her career started by complete accident after she moved to LA from her hometown San Diego in 2003 to pursue her life long passion as a hip-hop dancer/choreographer. Friends heard her singing to herself, forced her to try karaoke one night, and the rest is history. Within the next seven months, she released her first two albums “The Alyssa Jacey EP” and “Closed eyes… …open Heart LP.” Late 2005, she picked up a guitar and spent hours a day teaching herself so that by only after three short weeks, she was able to perform 30-minute sets accompanying herself. The following year “The Soul, EP” was released after being flown to Miami to record it. This was the first album Alyssa played acoustic guitar on as well as debuting her percussion egg shaking skills which would later turn in to an unexpected path as a drummer and percussionist.
Now 2019, over 3,200 self-booked shows performed, eight co-produced albums released( added were “Turning Points” EP, 2009, “Here’s To Change,” 2010, featuring her hit single, “Fall Out of Love,” which has continued to get radio airplay since it’s release. Watch her professional music video on her Youtube channel. “On the Spot” then came out in 2012, followed by 2015’s “Destined,” with her most popular singles ‘Drowning Me,’ and ‘Don’t Fight the Love.’ 2016’s all acoustic EP titled “Heart Breathe”came out with another two popular singles, ‘Heart Breathe’ and ‘Keep Around.’) Next came 2018’s ‘Now and Then,’ a download card that holds 18 fan favorite songs. Her single ‘Beautiful Night’ came out in October or last year and this year, she’s releasing a new song and/or video every 2-4 weeks! Listen on Apple Music, download on iTunes and watch on YouTube!
Alyssa is now seven years into living in Nashville, making and sustaining a living doing what she loves as not only a singer/songwriter, but an entrepreneur! She started her own business in 2014 as Musicians Mentor, Media Coach and Booking Agent! Check out for more info there, and see a list of upcoming shows on her website, or find her on Reverbnation, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora and Spotify. She also is the co-host for Balcony TV, Nashville, host for TalentWatch TV (on Comcast, Dish Network, Amazon Fire, Roku Fire and ATT U-Verse), host for For The Record, host for InCharge Country, and as of 2017, has spoken at several schools around the world as a motivational/inspirational speaker!

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