Victor Cavazos-Elbaddudecavazos

Victor CavazosHello! My name is Victor Cavazos. My musical name is Elbaddudecavazos . My friends began to call me Bad Dude, because they say I’m, “Bad As Good.” I’m a retired Elementary Teacher. I’ve always enjoyed all types of music and styles of songs. I began singing in local bars with different bands that would come in from Matamoros Mexico. I started singing in Spanish but my mother said I sang English songs better. So now that I have plenty of time, I compose all sorts of songs in Spanish and English. I write, sing, play and arrange my own music. I make my ownShubhpuja Cd’s and give them to my close friends. When my family and friends get together at ranches, weddings etc. I get up to sing with the bands. The songs that I write have to do with experiences that I’ve been thru, or what I observe other people going thru. Many, I just plainly imagine. Others have to do with nature. I sing Country, Rock, Blues, slow rock, rap. You name it, I’ll write, play and sing it. Freddie Fender was born next to my home town, In San Benito , Texas. I believe that God created all composers to make peace and harmony by making people aware thru music about what is going on in our beautiful but challenging world.

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