B. Sincere

I am B.Sincere A R&B artist from Queens, NY who resides in Charlotte, NC. I’ve always had a strong passion for music since my early childhood. My first introduction to music was singing in a church choir and later performed in talent shows during my school years. My motivation has been to keep working towards gaining knowledge as an artist to better perfect my craft. By doing so, I am now finally ready to present my music to the world. I would like my listeners to enjoy this journey with me. As I take you on this ride, you will witness some ups and downs from real life situations. My music is my therapy. I long to capture the essence of the human life experience in my music by inspiring others to follow their dreams. Live to inspire through the art of creativity. What sets me apart from other artists is that I incorporate different genres to give you modern day RnB music with a bit of an old school twist.

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