Yves Goyatton

Yves GoyattonBorn in Lyon, France, Yves Goyatton discovered sculpture by chance and quickly recognized it as his true calling. After finishing high school, he decided to study art at L’école de Condé in Lyon, France. After a year of study Yves decided to come to the United States to view and experience the world from a different angle. In 1999 he started courses at El Camino College in Los Angeles, It was there that he capitalized on his introductory knowledge of sculpture. To further his knowledge in this field, he sought and obtained an Honors degree in sculpture from Monterey Peninsula College. Since then he has been working in his studio on Cannery Row, where he has found the inspiration to create.
Yves has shown his work at several local galleries including, Winfield,Yves Goyatton R.Blitzer in Santa Cruz, Infusion gallery in Los Angeles and won “Best in show” at the Carmel Art festival in 2007. In 2010 Yves Goyatton was jury in At the Carmel Art Association one the oldest Art cooperative in United States. His current body of work represents his fascination with the mystery of abstract shapes and their juxtaposition with human form. His work has taken this concept most literally by combining the human form and the abstracted shapes of modern architectural landscapes. Yves wants the viewer to have the freedom to be transported in his own personal perception and imagination.

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