The Morning Drive

The Morning DriveIn the beginning, God created man. And his name was (Cousin) Adam. When Cousin Adam came out kicking with 2-year old Daniel screaming from the sideline, their parents knew they had a future drummer and singer in the family. They began taking group piano lessons when they each turned 4, a decision that would inevitably lead to aspirations of becoming rock stars and people’s best friends. Years later in college, Daniel would meet Alex in the attic of a San Luis Obispo apartment during a random jam session. Alex was the greatest musician and guitarist Daniel had ever met – and he was a cool dude at that – thus marked the start of a lifelong friendship and mutual habit of dreaming big.
A couple years later, Daniel graduated and moved back home to Fresno where he met bassist Brian while playing together in church. Brian’s vast musical knowledge and love for live shows made him the perfect choice for forming a band. In August of 2014, Brian, Adam and Daniel played their first show as The Morning Drive while opening for friends at the historic Tokyo Garden in downtown Fresno. They employed the help of several friends throughout the night to add varying degrees of flavor and flair while displaying a blend of their favorite genres: Americana, funk, blues rock and hip hop, using music to create the communal experience they always envisioned. The scene was not far from the The Morning Drivejoyous dancing and romancing depicted in Hobbit parties in the Shire. Did we mention these guys are a bunch of nerds?
Alex caught wind of this first show and how ridiculously nerdy Adam, Brian and Daniel were together, and he wanted in. They would eventually meet Brandalyn at an open mic night while simultaneously adopting her as their sister. Brandalyn’s vocals and ability/willingness to harmonize on the fly made her a natural fit for the band. Despite her lack of movie knowledge which sometimes makes it hard for the band to develop inside jokes that everyone can get, she was able to adapt to the boys’ unique style of humor and also taught the boys a thing or two about respect, maturity and the pursuit of excellence.
In 2017 they began recording their first album and on January 13, 2018 they released their debut album Another Song About [Your Name]. The debut show boasted a packed house of 350 people in the two story music club Fulton 55 in downtown Fresno. The band loves nothing more than playing a killer show and often employs the help of their The Morning Drivebrass trio of friends and even a group of aerial dancers when the mood is right and ceilings are high. Now armed with albums and merch, no road show is safe from their energy and charms. Far from stardom but pretty much everyone’s best friend, The Morning Drive has developed a reputation for good vibes and energized performances that will light a fire inside your soul and down to your soles, if that’s what you’re into.

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