Susan Wagner

Susan WagnerSusan Wagner’s mission is to bring a new concept to interior design. She has acquired the skills and experience to create fantastic visions in glass and stone, bridging the worlds of gallery fine arts and the functional things we use in daily life. A native New Yorker, Susan moved to California after receiving a degree in painting and art history from Cornell University. She became a partner in Wagner Construction, and spent ten years designing homes and acquiring hands-on experience in the building trades. In 1982 she opened her Santa Cruz art studio, and began focusing on architectural art glass. Her work was very well-received, and expanded into free-standing glass and bronze sculpture. This then evolved into wall-mounted art, using her award-winning Art Tiles.
Unusual among artists, Susan’s design approach is deeply collaborative, the result of extensive dialogue with her clients and a skilled appreciation of the architectural space itself. She personally guides a project from conception, through design and fabrication,Susan Wagner to final installation, a breadth of scope earned by her in-depth artistic background and her earlier architectural and contractors’ experience. Today, Susan’s work spans 30 years of diverse experience in design, fabrication and construction. Her compelling work is found in an wide variety of living and working spaces – in homes, churches, businesses, schools, historic buildings and public spaces. Susan strives to find and reveal the synergy of imagination, practicality, beauty and meaning. Her work is a marvelous addition to any space, enabling light, color and texture to capture imagination and attention.

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