Steve Bernal

Steve BernalSteve Bernal has been performing as a solo acoustic artist since the late 1980’s.His first gig was at Los Hermanos Bar in San Luis Obispo Ca. during Cal Poly’s big week long party “Poly Roly'”, which no longer exist’s and neither does Los Hermanos.But Steve is still playing music acoustically, just as he did that first first gig only he now knows more than 10 songs . In December of 2009, He released his first Indie album, “Out Of My Shell” which features 9 songs from writers who have influenced him over the years and 3 original songs. Currently playing a variety of venues in Central California while writing and performing regularly at Songwriter nights near San Luis Obispo Ca.Steve is rapidly adding more original songs to his credit and will be sharing them here on the fan page. ” I still enjoy playing the familiar songs and seeing people sing along with me. My passion is writing and I get a bigger thrill when someone asks me to play one of my songs!” As a helicopter and airplane pilot, you can be sure to expect some flying songs now and then.

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