Stefanna Helena Murphy Robins

Stefanna Helena Murphy RobinsStefanna Helena Murphy Robins was born is 1943, in Palm Springs, California, into an entrepreneurial Russian Orthodox family. Today, Robins is considered one of the Central Coast’s most accomplished mosaic artists. Using the same laborious techniques perfected by artisans of earlier times, Robins patiently transforms a wide range of discarded urban materials into compelling, one-of-a-kind mosaic sculptures. HerStefanna Helena Murphy Robins bold, unique style represents a blending of Russian primitive art with her own, often dramatic, sense of color. Today, Robins owns and operates Crack Pot Studio in Pacific Grove. California. In addition to showcasing her own work, Robins frequently invites other artists to show their paintings and photography in the friendly gallery-like setting. The studio has become a gathering place for local artists, musicians and forward thinkers.

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