My name is Rina and I am the face behind Coker Photography. I am an outdoor lifestyle photographer in Monterey, California! I love couples, families, and maternity sessions! We moved here due to the military so our time will be short and sweet. I am married to my high- school sweetheart and we have a beautiful rainbow baby girl. She is our little IVF miracle baby!Outside of photography my hobbies include eating, hiking, and watching psychological thriller movies. I like a good Discovery ID episode with a bowl of ice cream. Thai food is my jam and I have a serious liking towards lavender lattes! I am very passionate about what I do. That’s why I want to ensure you get to know me so you feel comfortable in front of my camera. I am not afraid to get dirty. I’ll get my shoes and clothes wet if it means I’ll get a great shot. I’ll do everything in my power to make you feel special and relaxed. My whole motto is to give you a stress free process! After all, that’s why I have a eucalyptus leaf on my logo!

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