Peter Clay Hanson

Peter Clay HansonMy fascination with beauty was nurtured by a childhood immersed in the appreciation of the arts and the extraordinary landscape of the California coast in which I grew up. After completing a BA degree in History of Religion from UCSC, I combined my aesthetic and spiritual interests by embarking upon a career as a sculptor. After many years of doing site – specific commissions , my interest enlarged to designing landscapes with a sculptor’s vision for three dimensional space. This began with utilizing plentiful local granite to create unique sculptural walls as a new medium in landscape architecture. I found that walls could behave as three dimensional forms in the landscape carrying with them endless possibilities of permutation in their plasticity of form and function. This took walls beyond their usualPeter Clay Hanson capacity to function merely as two dimensional elements, either as a straight or a curved line in the landscape. I use other materials in new and unconventional ways as a means to broaden the possibilities for creating unique sculptures and spaces.
In addition to carving stone, I have accumulated a spectrum of building skills and a knowledge of materials which has synthesized into my present ability to design and build spaces with the same attention to detail that an individual sculpture would receive. This requires me to immerse myself in one project at a time to discover the formal and spacial subtleties and possibilities that elude the traditional, less hands-on approach. I keep a continuous dialogue with the client as an integral part of the listening that informs the execution of the design. The Peter Clay Hansonprocess is more akin to choreography and musical composition as the overarching idea can find nuanced elaboration during the building activity. I rely upon a more kinesthetic than conceptual approach to design. As a sculptor I know that there is a receptivity to possibilities that can only be achieved through the physical work itself and the time spent on the site. My way is very hands-on, and I enlist the assistance of talented artisans and horticulturists as needed to complete the composition.

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