McKendry Grove

McKendry GroveMcKendry Grove is a combination of Americana, Roots Rock, Folk, Storytelling, Humor, and Good Looks all rolled into one delicious band. Members Dave Grove and Katie Anne McKendry not only play their own instruments, but write their own songs. They are also rotating members of Derek Bodkin’s Hovering Breadcat, and one can often find this “duo” joined on stage by a raucous tribe of talented professional musicians. This page was made so you, the fan, can learn more about McKendry Grove, their upcoming shows, and keep up-to-date with band news.
Dave Grove
Dave Grove was born in Michigan. He’s a Combat Veteran, worked Rock and Roll in San Diego through the nineties, was a professional diver for the Monterey Bay Aquarium (where he met Katie, many years ago) and now spends his time working with Special Needs. He is searching for his path to combine that crowd with his Music. He was raised with a solid church choir and classical/jazz background from his father while getting Simon and Garfunkel and The Beatles from his older brother and Hair Rock fromMcKendry Grove peers.
He started on piano, moved to trombone, and finally decided guitar was more portable and social. The main drive in his ongoing interaction with Music is song writing. He claims his songs come to him in all sorts of ways: music then lyrics, lyrics then music, all at once, painstakingly over weeks and months, in his sleep, who knows. His largest thanks go out to his musical mentors, and their seemingly infinite patience with his journey: Paul Grove, Derek Bodkin, Joel Steven, Roy Grove, all of Gibbous Moon, and a bevy of teachers around the globe.
Katie Anne McKendry
Katie Anne McKendry was born and raised in California. When she was eight years old, she one day approached her dad and exclaimed, “I want to play the violin!” Throughout elementary, middle and high school, she performed in her school’s orchestra and numerous county-wide honor orchestras. Katie graduated with her BA in Anthropology from UC Santa McKendry GroveCruz in 2009, and in 2012, she began to sing in front of audiences with Dave in Santa Cruz. It was then that McKendry Grove was born!
Katie has also worked for the Santa Cruz Symphony in Santa Cruz, CA, which allowed her to be surrounded by music on a daily basis. Currently, she is a second-year graduate student in Museum Studies, with emphasis in Museum Collections and Archaeology at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and has interned at the Smithsonian National Museum for American History and Alexandria Archaeology Museum in Alexandria, Virginia.

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