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Lynn GuentherA professional artist / jeweler since 1988, Lynn began her career, earning a BFA from Michigan State University in Illustration and Graphic Design. She served an apprenticeship with Native American artists Little Patty and Michael Kioboti, from whom she learned such hand-fabricated techniques as metal etching, stamping, and silver overlay, along with the expressive traditions of tribal culture.
From 1993 to 1996, Lynn worked, studied, and exhibited in Berlin, Germany, where she began to see herself as an artist as well as a craftswoman. More recently, Lynn has relocated to another community of artists and crafts people in Santa Cruz, California. She studied metalwork with Dawn Nakanishi at Cabrillo College, and with Theresa Lovering-Brown at Monterey Peninsula College.Lynn Guenther She is also a member of the Monterey Bay Metal Guild, and a participant in the annual Open Studios Art Tour of Santa Cruz County. Lynn serves her community as a member of organizations fostering art, ecology and education.
She is active in supporting art in the public schools with vigorous fundraising, as well as organizing special art events, teaching SPECTRA classes, and after-school art programs. Her Art and Nature Classes have been successfully acquainting young people with their local environment and teaching them inspirational techniques for illustrating and writing about “their place”.

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