Lillie Lemon and Erica Wobbles

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Lillie Lemon and Erica WobblesLillie Lemon and Erica Wobbles are an indie electro pop duo based in Monterey, California. Their instrumentation utilizes primarily synthesizers, with live vocal looping and processing. Songs are fueled by building crescendos and a unique hybrid of acoustic and electric sounds.
Lillie Lemon hails from the great Midwest, the land of long winters and short summers.Lillie Lemon and Erica Wobbles Her songwriting is heavily influenced by the flux of the seasons, often substantial in lyrical content and dense in sound. She is personable and bright both on and off the stage, and gives listeners a sense of sharing in a unique and poignant musical experience.
Producer and musician Erica Wobbles is nicknamed after the characteristic bass drop ‘wobble’ in electronic and dubstep music. Erica is known for his electronic influences and wide variety of keys-related instrumentation. Partnering with Erica has led their music down a path both experimental and wildly gratifying.

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