Larry Nordwick


My passion for photography started when I was accidentally enrolled in a photo class as a Freshman at Salinas High School. I quickly became the main photographer for the school paper and yearbook. Not long after, I was sent out to shoot my first wedding for a photography studio in Salinas when I was only 16 years old. I had only been to 4 weddings with my boss for training. I was given 5 rolls of VPS 220 film and a list of shots that had to be taken. Talk about being nervous! By the time I was 19 years old I had photographed 100 weddings and ventured out on my own to open Creative Images. Fast forward to present day I have now over 4 decades of experience with over 1,300 weddings photographed and 10,000 sessions.I was blessed to learn from so many Masters in the field but was most influenced by workshops with the iconic Ansel Adams and local legend Ken Cook who both taught me how to see light. Like the previous Masters, I processed my own film and did my own printing for many years. They also taught me the value of holding yourself to the highest standards in the field on every assignment.I love to entertain and connect with every person that comes in front of my camera at a wedding or on a session. Behind all of my work is an understanding of light, composition, and a joyous spontaneity between myself and my client. It is a joy to laugh with them, discover who they are and, most importantly, make them feel good about themselves in front of the camera. I am proud to have maintained a high standard of work over my entire career. I also have a passion for landscape photography and have spent some of my spare time over the years capturing the beauty of our coast and county.Most weddings need some combination of every style to tell the full story of your wedding day. The style of my work varies with the needs of my clients from Photojournalism to Portraiture to Editorial and Fine Art. The use and understanding of light and how it alters the subject is the single thing that separates great photographers from novices. While there is the technical side of photography, there is also the human side of emotions and how you respond to the camera. I often hear from our married couples, “There are too many great photographs! I don’t know how I’m going to pick from them all!”.I am most proud that my clients have come back to me over the years and have photographed over 100 weddings of couples whose parents originally chose me for their wedding or senior portraits! The pictures to the right include 4 of my past brides who cornered me at a recent event. Last year, I photographed a wedding for the Marotta family at the Pebble Beach and Tennis Club and counted 26 of my past brides at the reception!I have a young and enthusiastic spirit when I photograph (and I promise you will have fun being photographed by me… even if you hate being photographed). Whoever is in front of my camera is the most important person in the world to me and I want to make them look and feel special. I have spent most of my life as the town photographer for Monterey where my studio has been located. Most of all I love creating. Whether it be a new garden, an interior design or a photograph the process is the same. I love creating images that are beautiful and where people are happy.

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