Janet Silverglate

Janet SilverglateJanet was a dancer in her earlier life. She has a B.A. in Art History/Dance from the University of California Riverside and a M.F.A. in Dance from Mills College, Oakland, California. She performed in the Bay Area for many years until moving to beautiful Santa Cruz, California. She taught dance and Pilates at UCSC, choreographed at Cabrillo College and created an oasis under the redwoods with her family in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
Along with creating choreography, Janet has designed gardens, interiors and worked in textile arts. She also is an art curator for a number of businesses around Santa Cruz County. As an avid treasure hunter she finally found her art form in Assemblage and Mixed Media. In using salvaged, found, recycled materials to create work she has come to love the process of design and construction. She is a Santa Cruz Open Studios artistJanet Silverglate and has been showing her work at various venues throughout Santa Cruz County. She was an artist in the first SCRAP program for the City of Santa Cruz.
As an artist Janet is always looking at the abundance of objects out in the world. So many things are designed, manufactured, used briefly and then discarded. Janet takes what would end up in landfill and reshapes it into art. Looking at the shape, texture, movement and quality of an object she uses it in a way that highlights its special quality. The grain of wood, lines of metal, the beauty of rust markings, the shape of a seedpod, the sharp line yet rounded head of a nail all become inspiration. She is Janet Silverglateespecially drawn to the imprint of time.
There is a joy she wants to show in combining these disparate objects. The fun is apparent; in the way things relate to each other, how the piece is constructed and the story it tells. Each piece is one of a kind; unique in the relationship of the elements to each other and to the vision she creates. Janet holds one-day workshops at her home. She calls them creative spa days. Leave a message if you are interested in attending.

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