Ian Bell

Ian BellIan Bell was born on the 9th February 1968 in Hillingdon Hospital in West London. He attended “Rabbs Farm Primary and Infant School”, at age 11 he attended “Evelyn’s Secondary School”. By Bells recollection, on the first day Of secondary school the fashion had changed over the summer holidays and the less privileged children in the realms of fashion were left wearing flared trousers and hand me down clothes, Bell remembers thinking that this fashion mishap would un doubt ably pigeon hole him and a few other in the un popular group of misfits, perhaps his Mother didn’t get the memo about the stay press trousers and Harrington jacket?. He remembers looking at his watch and trying to work out how quick 5 years could really pass.
At the age of ten years old he received his 1first guitar as a gift from his parents, a low cost steel strung acoustic from a mail order catalogue, he and his sister both received guitars as gifts that Christmas with one tuning fork to share. Ian bell recalls striking the tuning fork on his sister’s head and she would in turn agonizingly hum the key. Bell admits after the tuning fork disappeared by Boxing Day his guitar remainded out of tune for the next 10 years, some would say longer. Never really giving Music a second thought apart from listening to early rock and roll pioneers like LittleIan Bell Richard and Bill Haley, Bell agreed to sing in a friend’s band at the age of 20. The band was run by two brothers, one on bass and one on drums, Bell was asked to sing which in his own words was did not sit or come that easy to him.
The band recruted a guitarist and played a few shows under the name “The Happening” during this period Bell had thoughts of writing his own songs, unhappy with those that were being written for him. He dusted of his old acoustic(which he still owns to this day) and realized quickly that this particular instrument wasn’t going to cut it, he visited a Music shop in Harrow one Saturday Morning and inquired about another Guitar, the sales assisted gave him this valuable tip, off which Bell still uses today, when looking to purchase just about anythin “look around the store, pick a guitar(or what ever your shopping for) you like the look of, it has to be something you absolutely love so that when it sits on the stand at home you can’t help but pick it up the play and that’s how you will learn”. That Saturday Ian Bell walked out of the Music shop in Harrow with a mid 50s Martin Coletti arch top with a pickup for the sum of 275.oo Ian BellEnglish pounds (which he still owns to this day), with this guitar Bell penned very early works with “The Happening”
Soon after Bell left the group with guitarist S. Pilcher, they formed in 1991 “Every Brilliant Eye” they had many members at one time or another, but eventually set on T. Ray on bass and R. Cotsworth on Drums. Bell purchased a Takamine 360 fp(which he still plays live today) that had been damaged in the factory that was cheap and began furiously writing songs for the band. The band played local venues and then played in London for many of the bands live shows. They recorded demos and sent them out to record companies, came fairly close to talking to someone other than the tea boy at the major labels, for Bell one of the greatest things was being played on Radio One by John Peel who introduced the band as ”The cutting edge of Brit pop”, they were also played on Radio one morning show hosted by Steve Wright, and Janis Long’s show in the evening, As momentum slowed and sugar levels were low the band dispersed.
Bell went on the form “Big Tuna” with M. Edicott (legendary blue beer drinker) a stripped down 3 piece, they recorded a demo that was never again was played, some believed lost during the journey from leaving the studio to the car. In 2002 Bell MovedIan Bell to the Monterey Peninsula California, guitar less and rusty he made a purchase on a cheap round shoulder Epiphone(which he still owns to this day) and began writing again, in 2003 he hopped a Greyhound bus to San Francisco and in a dark dank basement apartment with windows looking on to walls and with a recently purchased Korg D1200mk2 began laying ideas down from that period Bell began paying attention to what was he was writing. Bell states that “it is always my intention to get any of the ideas of songs down and demoed fast, when the songs come I drop everything, and that’s what is Needed to capture the tune or twist of words at that time, it’s a priority, knowing that the songs are some where recorded on what ever device is available and the words and chords are written down on sand paper or napkins or what ever, it gives me comfort that I can return to the work and clean it up later and sleep better, when ideas come they come, and you don’t question how or why, you just scramble to get it down on something quick, I write for myself first and foremost then give it away to strange ears”.
Bells intension which he calls his “life’s work” is to record everything that he feels is worthy that he has written and be able to release this work in stages. Bell states “even if the songs just end up stored in a shoe box that is handed down to our Daughter it would still be a completed “life’s work” which I shall be proud of. Bell released “Chameleon Ian BellSkin” EP in early 2011, At the time of writing this Bells 2nd EP “The Day You Stopped Dancing “EP is about to be released and he Is currently working on a Full Albums worth of material which is “Red Wine And Tears” which will be recorded and released in 2012. When Ian Bell is not playing or recording he can often be seen in and around Santa Cruz Ca, some say looking for the lost tuning fork .

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