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Carol HoladayCarol Holaday has been an “art major” since kindergarten and was very fortunate to always have lots of opportunity and encouragement to create throughout her school years. She began making and selling enameled metal jewelry in high school in the late 50s when she discovered a passion for color and the endless possibilities for fusing glass to copper. She continued her art studies at San Francisco State University and graduated with an MA degree in art, and then built her jewelry and photography businesses. Carol taught jewelry making, including enameling, at Monterey Peninsula Community College from 1986 to 2013.
Carol is now officially retired from teaching and keeps herself busy with making jewelry, photographing jewelry and small sculpture for herself and others, gardening, and enjoying life in beautiful Monterey. Fast forward to the present… and she still loves enameling on metal. Many additional metal working techniques learned and applied throughout the years but what ties it altogether is her love for color, pattern and texture. In her work, she frequently utilize images, shapes and textures with symbolic connections that are both obvious and ambiguous. What is especially meaningful to her is the power of color to influence one’s state of mind and health, and finds the color aqua particularlyCarol Holaday soothing and calming.
Carol feels most fortunate to live where she can see the Monterey Bay every day. Much of her work expresses her reverence for the beautiful ocean she’s lived near all her life. She is inspired by the constantly changing colors, patterns and movement of the surface, as well as the life that teems below, and finds making jewelry a satisfying way to express this passion. If someone interested in seeing more of what she is up to with glass, metal, and her camera, they can visit her blog.

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