Sarah DeYong

Sarah DeYongSarah DeYong grew up in Stillwater, Oklahoma. She had many interests growing up but the two most prominent were music and visual arts. After high school, she went on to earn her bachelor of music in Musical Theatre from from Oklahoma City University. Her time at OCU was educational, but melancholy. Some negative experiences made her doubt her place in the theatre world. However, her heart was still drawn to painting so after graduation, she shifted paths and began working as an oil painter. She still works on commission creating paintings out of family photos. Music never left her life, though. Even while she was building her painting business, she worked as a voice teacher at the OCU Performing Arts Academy and Poteet Theatre until her husband’s job took them to Colorado. It was there that she decided to start auditioning again – the best decision she ever made. The wonderful friends she made and the production she was involved in returned her faith and love in theatre. She now lives in Minneapolis with her husband and is constantly looking for new performance opportunities.

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