Rico Nevotion

“Rico Nevotion” R&B Singer/Writer/Actor Rico Nevotion has opened for nationally known artists such as Celene Deon, Beyonce, K Ci & JoJo, Silk, Anthony Hamilton, Donell Jones, Michelle Williams of Destiny Child, and so many more. Touring places like Japan, Mexico, Dubai, Virgin Islands, and London just to name a few other countries other than the US which he has toured most states. Rico has been known to pack venues that some national acts have not succeeded, such as over 3,000 fans at the Myth Nightclub, one of the hottest venues in the whole mid-west, and doing this without having a national recording contract by using only his street team and word of mouth. Rico Nevotion has won over a dozen awards in the mid-west for Best R&B Artist, Best Live Performance, Marvin Gaye award and so much more. Also starring in the new TV Series “I’m Goin To Chuuch”, and new movie releasing in 2014 “Set In Her Ways”, you can tell that he was made to entertain us in every way, shape, and form. From the depths of these streets, to the depths of his soul, Rico Nevotion captures a wide spectrum of audiences. With his smooth combination of R&B and cross over Hip Hop, Rico grabs and sustains the attention of all ages. Rico’s soulful voice is one of strength and emotion. His powerful vocals that flow straight to the heart and soul touching even the casual listener.
Rico reaches out to the youth through his own experience with gangs, prison, relationships, and mortality, delivering a message of hope and understanding from how he has turned his life around to become a respected member of his community. He was also honored by mayors of cities in MN. Born in a city of great music legends, Memphis, Tennessee, Rico is able to captivate the hearts of older audiences as well. Known as a man who can sing about anything, Rico’s music can relate to just about any lifestyle.

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