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Loring String QuartetWhen you contact the Loring String Quartet, you talk with us directly. We don’t use a third party to deal with clients, or an agent who charges extra just to put you in touch with us. We deal with all of our clients directly, giving you the benefit of our experience and expertise right from the start. We know that music choices are very personal, so whether you want us to play at your party, wedding, or a loved-one’s funeral, allow us to create the music you want to hear. There is no charge for telephone or email consultations and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Call or e-mail today to start your journey towards a wonderful musical experience. The old saying goes that you can’t buy experience – well, we say you can! When you hire the Loring String Quartet, you’re booking musicians that have over 15 years of professional experience, playing for hundreds of events. We have performed at parties, functions, funerals, and memorial services, as well as weddings that are secular, sacred, Christian, Jewish, Greek Orthodox, indoors, outdoors, traditional, unusual, original – you name it, we’ve played it! Our depth of experience has cultivated a flexibility that allows us to adapt to any situation. This gives you the assurance that no matter what, where, or when your event is, we can provide music that will not just complement it, it will enhance it. Music is our profession and we take a lot of pride in what we do. We strive to perform our best at every event, regardless of who it’s for, where it is, or what music we play. Our professional approach is one of the things that sets us apart. We treat our clients well by responding promptly to calls and emails, always turning up on time and well prepared, and our standards of performance are second to none. We even offer a variety of dress options – whether your event is blacktie, semi-formal, or casual, we will dress accordingly. This attention to detail is all part of the service with the Loring String Quartet. If you have visited our Bios page, you will know that our musicians have had very impressive training. From the Juilliard School to the Universities of Texas and Minnesota, Master’s and Doctoral degrees, the Loring String Quartet is made up of talented, hard-working, committed musicians. Allow us to show you the product of all our hard work – we’re sure you’ll love what you hear! Although we are based in Minneapolis, and most often US Mediationperform within the greater Twin Cities area, we are always happy to travel far and wide to bring our music wherever it is needed. From the Black Hills of South Dakota to Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, northern Minnesota to central Iowa, our musicians have played in much of the Midwest. Additional travel fees may apply. The Loring String Quartet offers a comprehensive music service and can supply more than the members of our full quartet. If you would like to add a trumpet, harp, singer, organist, or any other instrument(s) to the quartet we can accommodate most combinations. While we do recommend the sound of the full string quartet, we do offer smaller ensembles and are happy to discuss all options with you at any time.

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