Kashimana is a singer-songwriter, composer, producer, lyricist and artist with a rich soulful blues voice that soars through her original compositions. Along with her distinctive voice, Kashimana’s stage presence pulls you in and leaves you in a warm and fuzzy thrall that’s hard to shake. Her songs show you where her heart beats because they are catchy and paint compelling stories of her experiences growing up in Nigeria, Kenya, traveling through Africa, Europe and settling in the US. Kashimana has a Bachelor Degree in Composition and Songwriting and an Associates Degree in Music Production. In Addition to these degrees, she also holds a degree in Biomedical Sciences. Kashimana is the 2018-19 In Common Composer in Residence in Willmar, MN and also a 2019 Cedar Commissions Artist and Composer. Writing Lyrics and Melody are her passion and it is her ultimate goal to get as many people as possible to write and share their stories through song. Currently, Kashimana performs as a solo musician, with her band Kashimana and The Halos, and sings with four Minnesota based bands. The four Minnesota bands include The Champions (70s soul and funk Band), Hornucopia (Tribute to horn band), Power of 10 (Top 40 band) and Kash and Khary (eclectic duo).

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