Johnne Law McMahan

Johnne Law McMahanJohnne Law McMahan received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of South Dakota with a concentration in ceramics. He has worked for over 5 years in a variety of different ceramic styles. In 2013 he was awarded an apprenticeship in St. Joseph Minnesota working with J.D. Jorgenson Pottery. McMahan has exhibited work in the US and internationally. He has been involved with kiln building throughout the midwest and his work has been featured in SIC SEMPER SERPENT Arts and Culture. He is currently working at Master Kiln Builders LLC, and resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife, Molly. My work is focused on native clay; wood fired functional ceramics, kiln design and construction, community, and collaborative experimental learning. My practice is a result of an attraction to objects that are marked by the service of labor. I reflect on my experiences in construction, food service and agriculture. I see scars, scuffs and calluses as markers of experience. When I work with clay I try to discover unique and telling impressions, and synthesize my reaction in a mark or a form. The scars and scuffs on my pots are intended to be viewed as decoration or ornament. I develop ceramic objects as formations of my fascination and pass some part of that discovering onto the piece. By using native clay slips in chorus with loading and firing techniques that encourage ember contact, and a languid flame, I present surfaces that call the user to reflect on the history of the object.

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