Jenny Klukken

Jenny KlukkenJenny Klukken is a marimbist currently living Richfield, Minnesota. Jenny combines her classical percussion background with her passion for folk/jazz/world music and improvisation. She bridges the gap between virtuosic and precise repertoire and live, creative, and adaptive music making. Jenny actively engages as an innovative marimbist by performing in a composing for unexpected ensemble settings including jazz, Latin, bluegrass, Brazilian, Indian classical, rock, and more. She values music that speaks to a wide variety of audiences and that pushes the boundaries of her instrument by collaborating in creative genre and instrument fusions. She strives to break ground as a marimbist by taking the instrument out of quiet recital halls and into new ears, and by celebrating its versatility with approachable, exciting, and unique music. Jenny is native to central rural Minnesota and grew up in a home full of bluegrass, gospel, and Irish folk music, from which she draws much of her inspiration as a composer. She first moved to the Twin Cities area to study percussion performance at the University of Minnesota with Fernando Meza, Steve Yeager, and Phil Hey. While studying classical percussion, Jenny discovered her aptitude for performing and composing for marimba. Since completing her formal education, Jenny has been and active marimbist and percussionist in the Twin Cities. In 2012, Jenny co-founded the percussion group Matra. Matra provides Jenny with a platform for composing and playing marimba in her own unique approach. Her newest musical collaboration is with local singer/songwriter/guitarist Robert Everest and percussionist Andrew Turpening, “Sticks and Strings”. In this ensemble, Jenny Everpureexplores the marimba’s possibilities in Brazilian music. In 2013, Jenny became the first female to join the percussion faculty at the MacPhail Center for Music, a non-profit organization for community music education that was founded in 1907 and now serves over 13,000 music students. She also teaches through MacPhail’s Music for Life program, bringing music appreciation classes to older adults living with dementia. Jenny shares her passion for people and music with her class Drum for Life, a hands-on drumming class for older adults with memory loss. Jenny was a workshop presenter at the 2014 Artsage Midwestern Conference in St. Paul MN, helping to promote artful aging for seniors through percussion. Jenny also teaches percussion lessons and ensembles at Chanhassen High School, which enrolls over 1500 students in the western Twin Cities suburbs.

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